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What makes us different

What makes us different

We collaborate with you in real-time

By utilising the leading Cloud Accounting Software Xero, we can provide real-time advice to enhance your business growth

By providing you a well grounded Xero accounting training, you will better understand your financials by maintaining a portion of your accounting software.

We believe technology should work harder, not just people

People should be engaged in value adding activities, therefore we constantly utilise the latest accounting and IT technology to help you organise your business more efficiently.

Think of us as a strong foundation for your business - We will lay the brick by boring brick to give you additional time to plan your business direction and growth!

We provide a transparent flat fee structure

We are affordable for Early Stage Businesses, as our fee is a flat rate for each and every month. The rate only goes up as your business grows, and can be fully customized based on your company's specific needs.

Our team specialises in Start-ups. No matter what you need help with; there's a good chance that we've seen it before.

Understandably, hundreds of entrepreneurs are growing with us, making us the leading Xero Certified Accounting firm in Singapore!

Why we partner Xero

Cloud accounting software

No large upfront costs to buy software or hardware 

If your computer gets a virus (or you spill coffee on your hard drive) your data won't be lost because it's kept securely in the 'cloud'

We can log in securely to see your data - no more emailing spreadsheets or handing out disks of personal data

All data in the cloud is automatically backed up, you don't need to worry about making copies or having expensive backup servers

Understanding Cloud Computing

Real-time collaboration and relevant forward-looking advice

See exactly where you're making money and where you could be losing money, before it's too late. On top of that, we can provide forward looking tax planning advice

We can log into your accounts throughout the year to make sure you're on track

This means that any red flags will be picked up and rectified on an ongoing basis, and not left until the end of year resulting in a frantic rush to meet all the deadlines

Safe and Secure

Uses the worldwide-standard 128-bit SSL encryption, the same used for internet banking

Even if your computer is stolen, your data is not accessible as it is not stored on your hard drive

The only people with access to your company data are ones you invite, such as your accountant, business partners or investors

Fee Packages

Accounting Package Fees




Full Compliance

Xero setup and UNLIMITED training

(Worth $1,200 claimable under the PIC Grant)

Xero software subscription
Compulsory statutory obligations:
1.  Accounting/Book-keeping (Collaborative approach)
2.  Corporate secretary routine annual filing and AGM preparation
3.  ^ Compilation of unaudited financial report
4.  ^ Tax computation and annual return
check check check check
FREE email, phone and skype support for accounting and tax questions check check check check
Regular updates and advice on tax and business matters check check check check
Half-yearly meetings with your Xero Certified Accountant check check check check
Less than 25 bank transactions per month check
Less than 50 bank transactions per month check
Less than 100 bank transactions per month   check  
Fee per month (SGD)
*For GST or Audited accounts, fee will increase 1 time
^Not included for Audited company
*S$220 *S$320 *S$460 Contact Us for quote for:
1.  More than 100 transactions per month

2.  Payroll management


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Certified Advisor

We may be unconventional, but we're still 100% professional and have the acronyms to prove it from the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

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Why choose a Chartered Certified Accountant? Click

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